Plot twist: is an unused domain. You log onto a blank page every day. The people you follow are all personalities in your split mind. Their ramblings on your dash are ramblings in your head. As you follow more people, your personality fractures into more shards. You are on a downward spiral into self-conversing insanity and not even you know it.


my life

I had to read this a couple times until I finally got it.

I really fucking hate this post. 
Do you have any idea what it’s like to hear people in your head all the time, OP?
Do you
Because while I make light of it on my tumblr, I don’t always talk about the bad stuff that happens 
Like when one of my headmates showed up and slammed my head into a metal door so hard I got a concussion 
Or how one of them made me swallow too many pills when I wasn’t supposed to be taking more than maybe two and then seven of them were gone within two hours 
You know why you split? Because of traumatic experiences 
and what YOU’RE talking about is polyfragmentation, but I bet you didn’t even know that word, did you?
Way to be an albeist fuck 

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